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Fully Customized and Prepared

After Your Purchase a Dietitian Will Contact you within 24 Hours To Customize and Set Up Your Program.    3 Meals and 2 Snacks, Delivered Fresh Daily.  Servicing the NY trie state area, schedule delivery Monday thru Friday or 7 days a week.  You will receive a fresh days meals daily.   We will customize your program to suit you goals and needs.  We will create a program to suit your busy lifestyle.  


Individualized Plans

Our weight loss specialists will work with you to create a custom program that will meet your specific needs and goals. Our experienced team is equipped with knowledge to provide you with an understanding of your weight loss plan and answers to all your questions.  



Fully Prepared

Receiving a fully prepared Meal is important for most people due to the fast lifestyles we have. Having healthy delicious meals ready to go can benefit your weight loss plan. Our experienced team will introduce you to delicious food, designed around you personal preferences.  We will give you the time to focus on what really matters,  your family and career.


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