A Value at any Price

Life Style Choice

31 days most popular program for best results for maintaining your active life style and losing weight only $37.95 per day (plus tax)

Diet Maintenance Program

  • 21 days short term program for when you need to shave the pounds for a BIG DAY (Wedding, Interview, Bikini ) only $39.95 per day (plus tax)
  • 14 days program only $42.95 per day (plus tax)
  • 7 days sample program only $45.95 per day (plus tax)
“ZoneManhatta.Com” offer the option of Individual Meals to run in concert with a complete package. For the Price of $14.95 per meal plus Tax you can purchase a Dinner, Lunch or Breakfast for your significant other to be delivered in your bag. The individual meal would come with a snack.” To purchase individual meals please call 866-961-9663.